Individual Letters

All letters are custom order and priced per order. Let us know your preferred initials, name, and/or other words. We use cork slices to create them.

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Small Turtle $14.99

8″ x 6″ The shell of this turtle is made of half corks and cork slices for texture. Each leg is a whole cork with a champagne cork for his head.

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Tarheel $29.99

15″ x 4″ This is a unique piece composed of half corks. It is a creative way to show your UNC pride. Wine stained purple corks make up the tar spot, and champagne cork tops off as the big toe.

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Green Turtle $14.99

8″ x 6″ A different view of a small turtle. His shell is made from cork slices, his legs, tail, and head are actual green sea grass.

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Turtle $29.99

14″ x 12″ This hand painted sea turtle has a shell made entirely of cork slices. Design inspired by the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project at Carolina Beach, NC.

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Sailboat $29.99

14″ x 12″ With a mast and a hull made of cork, this sailboat is ready to float right into your house. The sail is hand painted as well.

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Pelican $29.99

16″ x 8″ This pelican found his roost atop a piling made of corks. The pelican is hand painted.

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Texas $29.99

12″ x 14″ Howdy y’all! What a creative way to show state pride. All sizes and states available. Made with half corks of all different varieties. Can double as a bulletin board!

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Large Oak Tree $49.99

18″ x 18″ (approx) Half corks make up the canopy, and the cork slices comprise the texturized trunk on this one of a kind oak tree.

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Palm Tree $29.99

18″ x 15″ Our best seller! These unique cork palm trees make a statement in any room. Each one is different. Perfect gift for  a wine and/or beach enthusiast.

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Wheel $19.99

12″ x 12″ All Aboard! The captain can take the helm with this ships wheel. Made of half and whole corks.

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Dragonfly $14.99

8″ x 8″ These dragonflies are made of whole corks, with a champagne cork as the head. Each cork is different! (price is each dragonfly)

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Whale wine cork art

Whale $24.99

12″ x 8″ This cute little whale is made of cork slices and real sea glass as his water spout.

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Lighthouse $29.95

16″ x 12″ Made up of many different cuts of cork, this lighthouse is sure to brighten any space. Real sea shells make up the shore line.

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Fish $24.99

14″ x 8″ Made up of cork halves and slices, this little fish will swim his way right into your heart. Each one is different!

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North Carolina $29.99

14″ x 8″ Show your state pride with this one of a kind piece, we can make any state in just about any size.

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